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    Is Your Marriage A Challenge Lately?
    Stay or Go?
    Is your marriage feeling stale?

    Do you have poor communications in your relationship?

    Are you doing too much separately?

    Have your kids grown and you're noticing you don't have much in common anymore?

    Is arguing becoming your "go to" technique in your relationship?

    If these examples and others you have aren't working for you, throwing in the towel is NOT the answer either.

    I have just finished more coach training and this one was a High-Level Relationship Systems Course and I need clients/couples/partners/siblings/friends/any people in relationship, to work with. I have been coaching for over 8 years and have expanded my coaching range further with the 6-month course I just completed.

    What YOU will get is GREAT COACHING for only $100 for 4 one-hour coaching sessions. Yes, you read that correctly. Stop complaining about your partner/spouse/sibling/friend and sign up today.

    Offer expires August 1, 2019.
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    Offer Valid: June 10, 2019August 1, 2019
    Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce