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Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world!

Change is constant. Nothing ever goes quite as we planned. If we didn’t
believe this before 2020, we all know it now. Leaders everywhere are
realizing that they must make major shifts in order to move forward to
achieve their purpose. Changing directions is hard. It’s risky. But it’s the
only way to get where we need to go. The future will be created by
fearless, innovative leaders who have the shift.

The speakers for this event will be practitioners who have successfully
navigated through their own personal and professional shifts.
Participants will learn from their experiences the practical insights,
purposeful actions and catalytic insights that have the power to
transform them into world-changing, visionary team builders.

At Leadercast 2021 - Shift you will get the supercharge you’ve been
needing to leave the status quo behind to discover a better and
brighter future. Join us to shift your leadership skills to levels you never
thought possible.

Leadercast 2021 - Shift
Leadercast 2021 - Shift is broadcast to hundreds of host sites, making it
the largest one-day leadership event in the world. This year, you may
participate by attending live in Cincinnati, through one of our many
host sites, or by attending virtually as a small group or solo from
anywhere in the world.

Leadercast is on a mission to fill the world with leaders worth following
by serving them with thought-provoking development content and
transformative leadership conferences featuring experts and peers who
dare to take the business world by storm.

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